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Email tracking for Gmail

Know when your emails are opened and tracked too!

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Be more productive in Gmail

Email Tracking for Gmail

Know when and how many times your emails were opened.

Link Tracking For Gmail

Know when and how many times your links were clicked.

Email Templates for Gmail

Turn effective/repetitive emails into templates you can insert with one shortcut or click and share them with your team.

Mass Email for Gmail

Use custom tags to personalize and improve your email outreach in Gmail with this powerful mail merge tool.

Email Analytics & Statistics

Get detailed reports on your productivity, workload and response times.

Real-time notifications

Receive real-time notification pop-ups when your emails are opened.

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Email Tracking Activity

With our email tracking software for Gmail, you can measure the efficiency of your emails and receive real-time notifications when someone is reading your message.

The Moon is The Limit

Mass email merge extension for gmail

Send personalized campaigns for free without leaving Gmail

Supercharge your gmail!

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