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Our Mailvibes templates are ideal to give a professional look to our messages and send previously prepared content.

Save time on your emails by creating templates with MailVibes

The first thing we must do is create our first template, for this we have 2 options.

Create a template from the Gmail compose window:  In this you can use all the editing tools with which Gmail has

Create Templare from the MailVibes section: In this section, you will be able to use a large number of editing elements, including variables, to customize your emails in an automated way.

Which one do we start with?

Create template from Gmail compose area

1.- Write the body and subject of your email

2.- Click on the menu button to create your template

3.- Write the title of your template and your shortcode

4.- Now you just have to click on the purple save button

Create template in Mailvibes section

To enter the Mail Vibes section, click on the Mail Vibes top menu and select the templates option

In this section, you can create your templates using all the editing elements and even using code (HTML and CSS).

To use the variables, all you have to do is type # and then the name of the variable you want to use, for example:

Hi #name. I called you #phone

Use template with shortcode

just type / followed by your shortcode and hit enter

If you don’t remember your shortcode, you can click the template button and select it from there

If you have questions about other features, visit our help center here.