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If you want to know our policies related to your personal data and privacy, see our Privacy Policy here for more information.

At MailVibes we take the privacy of our users very seriously. In its entirety, the information sent to MailVibes is processed and stored at aws.amazon.com

– Under no circumstances do we share the content (body) of your emails with third parties.

– We do not access the content (body) of your emails.

– We do not store the content (body) of your emails.

– We don’t sell or rent your personal data.

At MailVibes, your data is secure and your emails are private. We process all the personal data of our users with the strictest confidentiality using standard encryption to protect their data. This is commonly known as the Transport Layer Security (“TLS”) or Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) technology.

Learn about using the permissions required by MailVibes on your Gmail account:

– Read browsing history
– Show notifications
– Know your email address
– Read and modify your data on various sites. (https://*.amazonaws.com/*, https://*.mvib.es/*, https://inbox.google.com/* y https://mail.google.com/*)